Stephen Wise

American Zionist Leader

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Stephen Wise (1874-1949) was a leading Zionist and U.S. Reform rabbi.

The Declaration has transferred Zionism from the field of national aspirations to the realm of political fact. Not in centuries has any word been spoken of equally vital consequence to the well-being of Israel. Two things may be assumed on the basis of the historic utterance of the British Minister of Foreign Affairs: the one that Britain is not acting alone. It is not for us to predicate that England has spoken and acted in concert with her Allies, but we are justified in believing that England, ever working in closest co-operation with her Allies in the War, will in the day of peace find herself not only supported by France and Italy, but above all by the American Government and people, which, under the leadership of President Wilson, must needs insist that the destruction of the Prussian ideal must be followed by the establishment and maintenance of the integrity of the lesser nations. The other fact that is bound inevitably with the Declaration of the British Cabinet is that it is to be taken for granted that opposition to Zionism is ended.

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