Ahad Ha’Am

Father of Cultural Zionism

Ahad Ha'Am (1856 -1927) writing from London to M. Ben-Ami on March 11, 1918. Ahad Ha'Am is the penname for Zionist theoretician Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg, born Kiev, Ukraine.

You ask my opinion about the Declaration with regard to Palestine. What can I say? Of course I am glad that at last the world has recognized the existence of the Jewish people and its historic right to build its home in its ancestral land. But I doubt very much whether we shall see the completed building in the near future. I cannot explain why in letter; but you will realize without my telling you how many obstacles there are, both internal and external. For the time being we must make the most of what we have got and do all we can. The course of events in the wider world will determine our future policy…

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