Whose land? uk premiere

Sunday 19 November 2017 Shoreditch info@uklfi.com

The UK Premiere of a Documentary Film directed by Hugh Kitson, followed by a Q & A with the Director. A century after the Balfour Declaration of November 1917 the argument over the land, then known as Palestine rages on. Do the Jewish people have historic and legal rights? If so, when and where did they originate? Colonel Richard Kemp presents the film, together with a group of historians and international lawyers, who examine the legitimacy of the State of Israel and the conflicting claims of the Palestinians and of the Jewish People to the Land..

The film covers the Jewish presence in Jerusalem from Antiquity, the Ottoman Turkish Rule over Palestine, the Zionist Movement and the Balfour Declaration, as well as the Paris Peace Conference, the San Remo resolution, the legal obligations of the Mandate and the 1939 White Paper and its tragic consequences.