Balfour 100: What What responsibilities do British Jews have towards Palestinian human rights?

Thursday 2 November 2017 North London

As British Jews we acknowledge and appreciate Britain’s role in helping the Jewish people achieve a national home in Palestine with the State of Israel. However the Balfour Declaration also called for the protection of the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine. 100 years later their rights are more under threat than ever.

NIF’s New Gen community selected Yesh Din as the winner of this year’s NIF Human Rights Award. Yesh Din fight tirelessly within the Israeli legal system to promote and defend Palestinian rights in the West Bank. This is your chance to meet them, hear about their work, and learn how the systematic erosion of Palestinian rights forms part of Israel’s policy of creeping annexation in the West Bank.

We will be joined by Lior Amihai, CEO of Yesh Din and the former Head of the Settlement Watch programme at Peace Now on the night.

Together we will discuss how we, as young and progressive British Jews, grapple with the legacy of Balfour, and what we can do, within our communities and through engaging with the political establishment, to promote Palestinian human and national rights.

We will release a call for more to be done to advance the fulfilment of the second limb of the Balfour Declaration through the ending of the occupation and the realisation of Palestinian rights.

The discussion will be followed by a chance to mingle and continue the conversation with a drink in hand!