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August 17, 1949 – Theodor Herzl’s remains reinterred in Jerusalem

Max Nordau dies in Paris

Herzl Dies

Herzl meets with Pope Pius X

Herzl sees Italian King

Herzl publishes “Altneuland”

Herzl Meets J. Chamberlain

Herzl back in Turkey

Herzl in London

Herzl meets Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild

Fifth Zionist Congress

Herzl Meets Sultan

Fourth Zionist Congress

Herzl greets Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II visits the Holy Land

Herzl meets Kaiser Wilhelm II in Constantinople on his way to Palestine

First issue of Zionist newspaper “Die Welt” (The World) which will serve as Herzl’s platform

Herzl meets with Hovevei Zion representatives

Herzl publishes “The Jewish State” (“Der Judenstaat”)

In June 1896, Herzl visits Constantinople for first time. Meets with Grand Vizier Khalil Rifat Pasha and other officials and proposes plan to finance Turkey’s debt in return for turning Palestine over to the Jews. The Grand Vizier is unenthusiastic.