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30 September 1916 Sokolov is charged by the executive committee of the English Zionist Federation with the writing of a document which will eventually be presented to the British government.

In 1931, 17th Zionist Congress

Dance for joy

Balfour Declaration issued: Britain promises a national home for the Jews in Palestine

Balfour reads out the Cambon letter to Sokolov to the cabinet

Sokolow presents ‘Outline of Programme for the Jewish Resettlement of Palestine’ to the English Zionist Federation executive

Sokolov meets Pope Benedict XV who expresses his sympathy with the idea of the Jews returning to Palestine

Sokolow meets high ranking French officials in Paris

Sykes meet Zionist leaders

Sokolov meets Georges-Picot at Mark Sykes’s residence.

Sykes, Sokolow and Weizmann meet at Sykes’s residence to review the situation.

French government recognizes historical relationship of Jews to the Land of Israe

Italians non-committal to Sokolow

Sokolow has audience with Pope Benedict XV

Sokolow meets Vatican Secretary of State

Sykes cables Sokolow and Jabotinsky from Cairo

Sokolow writes to Weizmann about his meeting with French representatives

Sokolow seeks Alliance Israelite support

Lloyd George said to be “emphatic on the point of British Palestine”

Weizmann and Sokolow discuss Picot meeting

Sykes introduces Sokolow to Picot

Meeting with Sykes at home of Gaster

Zionist leaders Nahum Sokolow and Jehiel Tschlenow arrive in London and join forces with Weizmann

Nahum Sokolow arrives in England