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17 June 1917 Board of Deputies of British Jews votes 56 -51 to condemn statement of anti-Zionism of Montefiore and Alexander in the Times.

October 6, 1917 – War Cabinet Secretariat invites Jewish proponents and opponents to submit memoranda on the declaration draft. Chief Rabbi Hertz, Lord Rothschild, Nahum Sokolow, and Chaim Weizmann write in favor. Leonard Cohen, Philip Magnus, Claude Montefiore, wrote against. Stuart Samuel summarized the views of British Jews but did not take a stance. Opponents did not oppose Palestine as a sanctuary but objected to the “national home” idea.

Chief Rabbi Dr. Hertz writes to the “The Times” to dispel “the misconception” that the anti-Zionist Conjoint speaks for British Jewry

Lucien Wolf dies

Weizmann meets Wolf