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Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild dies

othschild give dinner for Faisal which is attended by senior political figures.

London Opera House for thanksgiving meeting presided over by Lord Rothschild. Lord Robert Cecil declares: “Our wish is that Arabian countries shall be for the Arabs, Armenia for the Armenians, and Judaea for the Jews”

Balfour Declaration issued: Britain promises a national home for the Jews in Palestine

Lord Rothschild writes the Times regarding Montefiore and Alexander

In a meeting with Chaim Weizmann and Lord Rothschild, Balfour promises a formal declaration of support for the Zionist venture.

Balfour sends his own version of the Declaration based on previous Zionist drafts, to Lord Rothschild

Meeting with Sykes at home of Gaster

Herzl meets Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild