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Chaim Weizmann meets Arthur Balfour who is now a member of the War Council

In June 1917, Balfour asks Weizmann to submit a draft of a British government declaration on Palestine that would be satisfactory to the Zionists.

Balfour dies

Balfour arrives in Damascus to protests outside his hotel

Balfour tours Palestine for three days

Hebrew University of Jerusalem officially opened by Lord Balfour

1919 – Balfour, not a member of the British delegation to the Paris Peace Conference but a consultant, writes memo on sidelines of the Conference: “Rooted in age-old traditions… Zionism… has… far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land”

Lord Curzon succeeds Lord Balfour as Foreign Secretary

Balfour memo: “I do not think Zionism will hurt the Arabs, but they will never say they want it”

Balfour writes to US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: “We are consciously seeking to reconstitute a new community and definitely building for a numerical majority in the future”

Zionists celebrate first anniversary of Balfour Declaration

Balfour Declaration issued: Britain promises a national home for the Jews in Palestine

Balfour tells his colleagues that he is in favour of ‘a Jewish national focus in Palestine’

Balfour reads out the Cambon letter to Sokolov to the cabinet

Brandeis meets Balfour twice during his visit to the US

Sykes meet Zionist leaders

Balfour arrives in the US following its entry into the war.

Balfour meets President Wilson and informs about L-G’s Zionist sympathies.

In a meeting with Chaim Weizmann and Lord Rothschild, Balfour promises a formal declaration of support for the Zionist venture.

Balfour sends his own version of the Declaration based on previous Zionist drafts, to Lord Rothschild

Balfour raises Zionist hopes in DC

Balfour in Washington

March 22, 1917 – Weizmann has serious practical talk with now Foreign Minister Arthur James Balfour on Zionism and a possible French or American role in Palestine

March 1, 1916 Weizmann sees Balfour

Weizmann meets Balfour

January 9, 1906 – Weizmann holds conversation with Balfour on Zionism.

First Weizmann-Balfour Meeting